Formalaties are simply the introduction to your oral. They are exactly the same for all Junior Cert french orals, ordinary level or higher level. It consists of 5 sentences which are easily learned. Most of the reply are things such as "Merci". 

For the Junior Cert French Oral there are 4 different role plays. You must learn off answers to the Examiner. They are based on everyday scenarios such as Looking For Directions / Ordering Dinner In A Restaurant. 


There are 25 short questions you must learn for your oral. All 28 are personal questions such as "What is Your Name?" 

The examiner can only ask 8 of these questions and each question follows 4 marks. Answer all questions correctly? Earn 32 marks and 40% overall of your oral. As the oral is 20% of your whole junior cert 



There are 3 different main types of learners. These are Kinesthetic, Auditory are visual. This tip is mainly directed at visual learners so if you are not a visua learner, turn back now! Basically, visual learners find it easiest to learn using bright colours, markers, coloured paper. highlighters etc. Highlighting all important parts such as definitions in a bright colour which stands out to make you remember them easier!

Happy Studying! :) 

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